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Media & Research Title: Media & Research

Media and Research

This website has been constructed with concern for the needs of journalists and researchers. The aim has been to provide a detailed account of the life of Prem Pal Singh Rawat and the organisations that have supported him over four decades.

The main body of the site is divided into six sections dealing with the person of Prem Rawat, the History of his movement, the Organisations that support Prem Rawat, the meditation that Rawat calls Knowledge, the question of whether Prem Rawat leads a Cult and lastly a section which deals with the Contradictions of Prem Rawat's life and the beliefs of his followers.

Journalistic interest in Prem Rawat has primarily been concerned with Rawat's wealth, the cult question and the emotional well being, or its lack, of Rawat's followers. The Links Page of this website provides a range of contacts, both supportive and critical of Prem Rawat; the promotional Prem Rawat Foundation publishes news releases, while an archive of published artices is held by the EPO website

Academic interest in Prem Rawat has come primarily from researchers investigating new religious movements (NRMs) from a Social Sciences perspective, and from researchers investigating cultic behaviour, from Social Science and Psychology perspectives. There is little recently published analysis of Prem Rawat or his followers, the works of Ron Geaves being the only ones of note. Geaves has been a life long adherent of Prem Rawat and has been criticised for publishing work on Rawat without declaring this allegience. Works by Downton and Foss & Larkin provide detailed analyis of the development of Rawat's following in the United States in the 1970s.

Downton, James V. Sacred Journeys The Conversion of Young Americans to Divine Light Mission. Columbia University Press, 1979, ISBN 0-231-04198-5

D.A.Foss, & R.W.Larkin (1978). Worshiping The Absurd: the negation of social causality among the followers of Guru Maharaj Ji. Sociological Analysis, 39(2), 157-164.

A fuller list of academic references is located in the Cult Question section of this website. References

Business analyst interest in Prem Rawat hs been focussed on companies with which Rawat has has an association such as Amtext and Deltek, and upon Business Trainers Tim Gallwey and Valerio Pascotto, and Business Intelligence writer Jean Marie Bonthous, all of whom are followers of Prem Rawat.

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