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Positive Effects Title: Positive Effects

Positive Effects of the Meditation and Adherence to Prem Rawat

Current followers of Prem Rawat attest to the benefits they have received as a result of their practice of the four techniques of meditation which Rawat refers to as 'Knowledge'. Many say that 'Knowledge' and the continued guidance of Prem Rawat has created a profound transformation in their lives for which they are eternally grateful.

There is an unknown number of people who no longer follow Prem Rawat, but who continue in some form to practise the meditation they originally learned through Rawat and the Divine Light Mission/Elan Vital. Indeed outside India the number of people in this category probably exceeds the actual number of those who are loyal Rawat followers. Other former followers have gone on to learn other methods of meditation and of course many stop meditating altogether. It is important to make a distinction between the effects of 'Knowledge' as part of the broader phenomenon of meditational practice and the claims of exclusivity or specialness made by Rawat about his 'Knowledge'. All forms of meditation can contribute to feelings of relaxation, clarity of mind and elation as subjectively felt by the practitioner. A multitude of scientific studies have also demonstrated measurable changes in brain wave patterns and mental states during and after meditation.

The place of Prem Rawat's prescribed techniques within the wider spectrum of meditation practices is a matter of debate, however the four techniques, especially the breath technique, can be found in numerous variations in the curriculum of many schools of yoga and other spiritual, psychological and health-oriented disciplines.

Prem Rawat insists that his 'Knowledge' is more than just meditation. Prem Rawat presents the process of coming to 'Knowledge', of receiving it and continuing to practice it as being both revelatory and transcendent. To explain the 'experience' of 'Knowledge' Prem Rawat uses a stream of metaphors and anecdotes with which he seeks to describe the process as unveiling the very mystery of life and the thing for which all humans essentially strive - a deep-seated 'peace' for which we all yearn. He also uses words like contentment, fulfilment and joy, though he maintains that the experience can not be described with words.

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